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boxers diet - Be a Professional Boxer

Boxing is a sport of endurance, speed , boxers diet agility and strength. As in most sports , the best way you
are, the more likely you are to excel. The diet has always been considered an essential part of boxing , boxers training diet Sylvester Stallion concept boxers weight loss diet helped make famous drink a raw egg in the movie " Rocky" . Although raw egg is no longer considered a healthy choice , the protein it supplies is an integral part of the diet of boxing boxers diet .

Protein package

The protein is considered the cornerstone of muscle, boxers training diet and while boxers are not bodybuilders , it does not hurt to be hard rock boxers weight loss diet to enter the boxers diet ring boxers diet .

 Protein also goes a long way when it comes to aid recovery after an intense workout . Chicken , turkey, fish , lean beef , tuna and yes , eggs are a boxers training diet good source of protein. Boxers should consume at least two to boxers diet three servings of protein per day, with each serving is the size of your fist boxers weight loss diet .

Not counting carbohydrates

Many diet plans insist that carbohydrates of any kind are bad, but this is not the case for boxers . In fact , boxers diet it has been said that the training of boxers should be 40 to 55 percent of their calories from carbohydrates - a key element of the energy needed for a fight. Of course , the key is to eat the right kind of carbohydrates, avoid flour fortified foods , like white bread , cookies , sugary cereals or some cases , boxers weight loss diet pasta . Instead, a boxer must have carbohydrate fruit , beans , and some experts oats boxers diet .

Drink Up

Water is an important part of the diet for anyone, especially an athlete, because water provides the majority of the day of the essential vitamins and minerals . Boxers should drink eight to 10 8-ounce glasses a day to help improve circulation and flexibility , and stay hydrated. You should drink even more the day of the battle , boxers diet which consume up to 14 vessels .


Boxers should eat five or six small meals throughout the day instead of two or three large meals. At least three of the food should be composed of a protein and a carbohydrate. boxers diet For example , breakfast may be a portion of egg whites with a side of fruit (apple , orange and banana ) .

What could be followed by a movement of boxers diet low -fat, low -crab for a protein snack sugar , followed by breast and broccoli or grilled chicken for lunch. Another protein shake could go for a snack with salmon and salad for boxers weight loss diet dinner. Following this plan , a boxer would like to eat one serving of fruit or other healthy crabs before going to bed boxers diet .

Fight night operation

Experts recommend avoiding starchy foods boxers weight loss diet boxers the day of battle . That means no vegetables or beans. Instead, most of the calories should come from protein sources and carbohydrates " lighter " found in fruits. boxers diet These are easier to digest and maintain a sense of energy fighter .