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What foods help your performance? What is running diet not ? A guide for the development of a proper diet plan
By Holly SST. Lifer
May 24, 2007.

Three riders head for a twelve five Miler . Each of them had eaten yogurt an hour before . At mid-race running diet , a rider said he feels strong and wonder if someone is going through a few extra miles. The other two riders growl response , indicating fatigue, the other expressing a strong desire for a pack of Tums .

Sounds like a riddle? In a sense it is. All riders followed what the experts advise: eat easily digestible food an hour before running diet a race. But save for one person, they faced fatigue or stomach problems. Where are you going wrong?

" Riders intellectually know that food affects performance , but most have not had the time to really consider what works best for your career ," running diet says Lauren Antiknock , RD, marathon runner , Airwoman , and Director of Nutrition energy, a consulting firm in Manhattan sports nutrition. "Once you have the basics for the operation, it is necessary to individualize their approach  running diet to improve performance. "

Foods that leave a strong rider can leave one feeling exhausted feeling, or worse. "Brokers are different sizes and types , and operate at different rates, all of which change their needs in calories and carbohydrates running diet ," said Antiknock . "In addition, some people have steel stomachs, others have sensitive systems . " To understand what works best for you, you have experience - and get good grades .

Experience a

Brokers are more than what they eat. Training , how you sleep , stress and time - not just how much , how and when you eat or drink running diet - affects how it works . "Keep detailed information on all these factors in your training diary ratings help you determine what is the most affect their operation ," says Leslie Bionic , RD, a running diet marathon runner nine times and director of sports medicine nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

It is impossible to control all of these variables, but having them on paper allows you to make informed decisions about their nutrition. Running diet Say, for example, training in the morning you feel the rhythm, despite the constant training and plenty of sleep . Nutrition is the probable cause - and an easy solution. "Most of what we eat is used the night before the morning ," says Bionic . " If you put an easy time running diet , this is not a problem. But eating a few hundred calories before an intense and long term could be just what you need to keep your energy level. " (For other errors current and solutions , see " fast food Corrections " section on the right. )

To make sure you look at all the nutritional running diet landscape , record how well hydrated and eat before and after a race - both meals or snacks that affect their training - as well as the quantities and time their meals. Start by chronicling his usual eating habits for a week, then " change one aspect at a time, or when you eat, the type of food , or amount ," says Bionic . Evidence that the change in fifty- running diet six September careers. By doing this, you have time to explore the nuances of fuel , as if an extra half hour of digestion relieves minor points or rolls weighing wheat. " If you eat a digestible carbohydrate such as a banana or a granola bar , and does not work for you, try to eat less or eat before , " said Antiknock .

Also take a look at the nutritional running diet relationship in your dish. " Ask yourself . " ? Will I use carbohydrates, lipids or proteins, " says Bionic Breakfast Two scrambled eggs , yogurt and a glass of orange juice could be days of rest , but replacing the eggs with oatmeal day when running at lunch increase its production of carbon hydrate and therefore its energy. Running diet adding protein or nuts as a snack before running pretzels can help you feel full before a night race .

Spend at least two weeks for the trial period and error , but open to all eight . "The experience of time depends on what you discover running diet , " said Antiknock . Explore the spot when you do a variety of exercises to use to see how the changes affect various formations. If you work in their fuel to prepare for a race, to do early in their training , the last four weeks before a race , it's time to stick to what has worked best so far .

Be sure to discuss the usual fuel and log your miles running diet , and may be found with additional energy. Not to mention a happy stomach.

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